Gabriel Kidd

Ask anybody who’s seen Gabriel Kidd wrestle and sooner or later the word “talented” will crop up. Despite his tender years, Kidd has turned heads with performances against the likes of Joseph Conners, Zack Sabre Jr, Johnny Mundo and Marty Scurll.

Unfortunately, he’s been on the losing side in every single one. Having now won the respect of Prince Ameen, after working as his man-servant, Kidd is on the charge in WCPW. The Nottingham youngster has found himself staring at the lights in every single match, but his first win must surely be right around the corner.

Who that opponent will be is anyone’s guess, but one thing’s for sure, the roof will come off when he finally gets it.


status Active
finisher Sick Kick
height 6' 0"
weight 189lbs
hometown Nottingham, England


Belt Reign Time Held
Defiant Internet Championship 29/04/2017 - 21/09/2017 Held


Date Event Type Participants Duration
Exit Wounds
Tag Team Match
The Prestige (Travis Banks & Joe Coffey) def Gabriel Kidd & El Ligero by Pinfall 8:13
WCPW Loaded #1
Three Way Elimination Match
Joseph Conners def Gabriel Kidd def Alex Gracie by Disqualification 6:33
WCPW Loaded #2
Tag Team Match
Joseph Conners & Joe Hendry def Prince Ameen & Gabriel Kidd by Pinfall 8:30

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