Mark Davis

The powerful Aussie first came into Defiant at Fight Back, impressing in his debut before ultimately losing to BT Gunn. Davis returned for the Pro Wrestling World Cup as the Australian entrant in the Rest of the World Qualifying Round, where he fell to fellow Oceanic entrant Travis Banks.

Feeling he has been underappreciated and underutilised in the promotion, Davis was one of the invading forces in the IPW assault at the climax of Defiant #3 in Birmingham, expressing his frustration with bully boy tactics against the announcers and the outnumbered Defiant stars in the ring.

Since losing in the main event of Chain Reaction and splitting from Team IPW, Davis and Aussie Open tag partner Kyle Fletcher have actually started to hear cheers from the fans, with their tag title number one contenders win over the South Coast Connection at Defiant #10 met with a positive response.

Having achieved success in other promotions around the country, Aussie Open will be looking to dominate the tag division in Defiant in the same way now that they are fully fledged roster members.


status Active
finisher Fidget Spinner (Tag)
height 6'4"
weight 242lbs
hometown Queensland, Australia


Belt Reign Time Held
Defiant Tag Team Championship 28/04/2018 - Held


Date Event Type Participants Duration
Defiant #10
Tag Team Match
#1 Contenders (World Championship)
Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher) def SCC (Kelly Sixx & Ashley Dunne) by Pinfall 7:13
Chain Reaction 2018
5-on-5 Elimination
- Defiant vs IPW
Travis Banks & Primate & Martin Kirby & BT Gunn & Rampage def Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis & No Fun Dunne & Austin Aries & Mark Haskins by Pinfall 39:45

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