The diminutive spitfire that is Little Miss Roxxy has displayed remarkable determination during her time in WCPW. Even when coming out on the losing end, this rock chick hasn't let her confidence fade, and that self-belief caught the eye of James R. Kennedy.

Initially, it seemed like the manager was making a play on Roxxy, but it soon became clear that Kennedy simply wanted to promote the female star as his own creation.

Now that Kennedy has moved away from Prospect, will he attempt to carve out a new group with Roxxy leading the way?


status Active
finisher Whole Lotta' Roxxy
height 5' 2"
weight 112lbs
hometown Newcastle, England


Event Type Participants
Fight Or Flight
Singles Match
Lana Austin def Roxxy by Pinfall
No Regrets '18
30 Person Rumble
- Winner faces the Defiant World Champion at Built To Destroy '18
Martin Kirby def Amir Jordan def Chris Brookes def David Starr def Doug Williams def Drake def Gabriel Kidd def Kid Lykos def Jack Sexsmith def Jimmy Havoc def Joe Hendry def Justin Sysum def Kay Lee Ray def Kyle Fletcher def Alex Gracie def Lana Austin def Roxxy def Lucas Archer def Mark Davis def Mark Haskins def Millie McKenzie def No Fun Dunne def El Ligero def Prince Ameen def Simon Miller def TK Cooper def Travis Banks def WALTER def Team Hendry Member 1 def Team Hendry Member 2 by Pinfall
Defiant #4
Triple Threat Match
Xia Brookside def Roxxy def Millie McKenzie by Pinfall
Defiant #2
Singles Match
Defiant Women's Championship
Kay Lee Ray(c) def Roxxy by Pinfall
Defiant #1
Singles Match
Millie McKenzie def Roxxy by Pinfall
WCPW Loaded #32
Singles Match
Roxxy def Ava Storie by Pinfall
Refuse To Lose '17
Tag Team Match
Ava Storie & Jay Lethal def Roxxy & Drake by Pinfall
Exit Wounds
Singles Match
- Dark Match
Viper def Roxxy by Pinfall
WCPW Loaded #21
Singles Match
Bea Priestley def Roxxy by Pinfall
WCPW Loaded #20
Singles Match
Bea Priestley def Roxxy by Pinfall
WCPW Loaded #14
Singles Match
Kimber Lee def Roxxy by Pinfall
WCPW Loaded #9
Tag Team Match
Bea Priestley & Alex Windsor def Nixon Newell & Roxxy by Pinfall

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