Lana Austin

Lana Austin, a cheeky exhibitionist, luxuriates in her own glamour - but the path she travelled to WCPW stardom was decidedly grim.

She might possess the looks of a pinup, but she wasn’t fast-tracked on their strength; steeling herself by paying very painful dues across the dangerous fringes of the European circuit, it was little wonder she demonstrated considerable ring savvy in her debut opposite Bea Priestley.

Ducking between and behind the ropes to catch her opponent off guard with stiff kicks, her loss was an upset. If past form is any indication, it is an aberration she will soon correct.


status Active
height 5' 3"
hometown Manchester, England


Event Type Participants
Defiant Loaded #2
6 Person Match
Defiant Women's Championship
- Gauntlet Match
Kanji def Roxxy def Lana Austin def Kay Lee Ray def Millie McKenzie def Bea Priestley(c) by Pinfall
Refuse To Lose '18
Singles Match
Lana Austin def Kay Lee Ray by Pinfall
Fight Or Flight
Singles Match
Lana Austin def Roxxy by Pinfall
Road To Destruction
Singles Match
Defiant Women's Championship
Millie McKenzie(c) def Lana Austin by Pinfall
No Regrets '18
30 Person Rumble
- Winner faces the Defiant World Champion at Built To Destroy '18
Martin Kirby def Amir Jordan def Chris Brookes def David Starr def Doug Williams def Drake def Gabriel Kidd def Kid Lykos def Jack Sexsmith def Jimmy Havoc def Joe Hendry def Justin Sysum def Kay Lee Ray def Kyle Fletcher def Alex Gracie def Lana Austin def Roxxy def Lucas Archer def Mark Davis def Mark Haskins def Millie McKenzie def No Fun Dunne def El Ligero def Prince Ameen def Simon Miller def TK Cooper def Travis Banks def WALTER def Team Hendry Member 1 def Team Hendry Member 2 by Pinfall
Defiant #10
Singles Match
Millie McKenzie def Lana Austin by Pinfall
Singles Match
Viper with Bea Priestley def Lana Austin by Pinfall
Singles Match
Ivelisse def Lana Austin by Pinfall

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