Prince Ameen

"The Richest Man In Wrestling"

You thought 'The Million Dollar Man' was the richest man in wrestling? He’s practically a beggar next to Prince Ameen.

Royalty from the ancient Indus Valley, Ameen is of impressive stock. He’s not showing his skills in the ring just to make a living; he already has enough to last him an eternity. Instead, he simply wants to prove to the world what India already knows: that’s he’s the very best.

A noble upbringing doesn’t always result in a noble character, and though he claims to be the greatest grappler around, the Prince is never afraid to use some underhand tactics to get ahead. Sometimes there’s more in that turban than just his head...


status Active
finisher Magic Carpet Ride
weight 205lbs
hometown Gujarat, India


Date Event Type Participants Duration
Built To Destroy '18
Singles Match
Gabriel Kidd def Prince Ameen by Pinfall
Road To Destruction '18
Tag Team Match
Simon Miller & Prince Ameen def Gabriel Kidd & Drake by Disqualification
True Legacy '16
4-on-4 Elimination Tag
Drake & Lucas Archer & Alex Gracie & Primate with James R. Kennedy def Rampage & Prince Ameen & Gabriel Kidd & El Desperado 10:20
Loaded #4
Singles Match
Drake def Gabriel Kidd with Prince Ameen by Pinfall 2:32
Built To Destroy '16
Singles Match
Prince Ameen def Gabriel Kidd by Pinfall 8:16
Loaded #4
Three Way Elimination Match
El Ligero def Martin Kirby def Prince Ameen by Pinfall 7:17
Loaded #2
Tag Team Match
Joseph Conners & Joe Hendry def Prince Ameen & Gabriel Kidd by Pinfall 8:30
Loaded #1
Singles Match
Joe Coffey def Prince Ameen by Countout 6:05

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