Ethan Carter III

Some people are born into hardship, forced to scrap and claw for every achievement in life. It’s probably fair to say that Ethan Carter III is not one of those people.

The nephew of TNA majority owner Dixie Carter, EC3 has been handed every advantage in life - financially and genetically. That’s not to say the Ohio native hasn’t worked hard to take advantage of such opportunities, but he’s not exactly modest about them either.

In the ring, quite simply, Carter is incredibly tough to beat. He is a complete wrestler, capable of utilising his power, technique and agility to dominate opponents. Could WCPW be welcoming a new top dog into its midst?


status Inactive
height 6' 1"
weight 225lbs
hometown Willoughby, Ohio, USA


Event Type Participants
WCPW Loaded #8
14-Person Rumble Match
- Winner faces Kurt Angle at Refuse To Lose '16.
Joe Hendry def Travis Banks def Pete Dunne def Marty Scurll def Liam Slater def Joe Coffey def Ethan Carter III def El Ligero def Drew Galloway def Doug Williams def Martin Kirby def Prince Ameen def Rampage def Primate
Stacked '16
Triple Threat Match
El Ligero def Ethan Carter III def Pete Dunne by Pinfall

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