He’s raw, he’s savage, he’s a primal throwback to a more barbaric time, but he’s not unsophisticated; The Primate is well-schooled in dishing out pain, and takes more than a healthy delight in doing so.

Charging down to ring like a ferocious silverback, before showering the unfortunates in the front row with a spattering of blood, The Primate is single-minded in the hunt. Once the red mist descends, little that gets in his way can hope to halt his path of destruction.

There’s no subtlety to Primate’s motivation in WCPW – he’s an animal and determined to hurt everyone and everything in his way. With the cerebral James R Kennedy channeling his rage, anything’s possible.


status Active
finisher Spear
height 5' 11"
weight 250lbs
hometown Parts Unknown


Belt Reign Time Held
Defiant Hardcore Championship 31/08/2017 - 09/02/2018 Held
Defiant Tag Team Championship 12/10/2017 - 09/03/2018 Held


Date Event Type Participants Duration
Defiant #11
Singles Match
- Magnificent Seven Qualifier
Primate def Zack Gibson by Pinfall 0:09
Chain Reaction 2018
5-on-5 Elimination
- Defiant vs IPW
Travis Banks & Primate & Martin Kirby & BT Gunn & Rampage def Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis & No Fun Dunne & Austin Aries & Mark Haskins by Pinfall 39:45
Exit Wounds
Singles Match
Chains Match
- Best Of Seven Series Match #6
Rampage def Primate by Pinfall

Rampage wins the Best Of Seven Series 4-2.

Built To Destroy
Singles Match
Joe Coffey def Primate by Pinfall 12:37
WCPW Loaded #4
Tag Team Match
Primate & Rampage with Adam Blampied vs. Joe Coffey & Big Damo with Jack The Jobber (no contest) 10:28
WCPW Loaded #3
Singles Match
Primate vs. Joe Coffey (no contest) 5:13
WCPW Loaded #2
Singles Match
Primate def Drake by Pinfall 2:33

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