Adam Pacitti

The first ever General Manager of WCPW quickly outed himself as a man who lusted for power. Adam Pacitti was a fan-friendly figure during WCPW's early months, but he couldn't resist letting his authoritative influence envelop him eventually.

A bizarre hatred of Martin Kirby was Pacitti's undoing in the end, and it must have killed the first GM to watch as Kirby replaced him in the role.

Since then, Pacitti has tried to rekindle his glory days to little success, but it's fair to say that WCPW fans haven't seen the last of a man who came to be known as 'Adam Parmesan'. When he inevitably makes another bid for power, everyone will be on edge.


status Inactive
height 6' 1"
hometown London, England


Event Type Participants
No Regrets '17
30-Person Rumble Match
Defiant World Championship
Martin Kirby(c) def Alex Gracie def John Klinger def BT Gunn def Cody Rhodes def Dave Mastiff def Doug Williams def Drake def Drew Galloway def El Ligero def Joe Coffey def Joe Hendry def Johnny Moss def Juventud Guerrera def Adam Pacitti def Kid Fite def Matt Striker def Primate def Prince Ameen def Rampage def Rey Fenix def Rey Mysterio def Rockstar Spud def Scotty Wainwright def Sha Samuels def Travis Banks def Viper def Zack Gibson def Lucas Archer def Fat Ligero
WCPW Loaded #20
Singles Match
Street Fight
Martin Kirby def Bully Ray with Adam Pacitti by Pinfall

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