Adam Blampied

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Adam Christopher Blampied is the single best human to have ever been born, in his own mind at least.

But oh dear, oh dear, his cup has runneth over into pools of blood. The third season of WCPW Loaded lived up to a scintillating promise of cathartic comeuppance for the man whose Machiavellian machinations have seen him retreat into a corner following a brutal beat down at the hands of Rampage.

Blampied did not stake his reputation as modern wrestling’s foremost politicker without a trick up the sleeve of his ubiquitous grey blazer however. The self-styled 'King of Fantasy Booking' is never without an unforeseen swerve, so don't expect his sabbatical to last.


status Inactive
height 5' 10"
weight 280lbs (Mostly Teeth)
hometown Jersey, Channel Islands


Event Type Participants
Refuse To Lose '16
Singles Match
Street Fight
Rampage def Adam Blampied by Pinfall
WCPW Loaded #7
Singles Match
Defiant World Championship
Big Damo(c) with Adam Blampied def Aron Stevens by Pinfall
WCPW Loaded #4
Tag Team Match
Primate & Rampage with Adam Blampied vs. Joe Coffey & Big Damo with Jack The Jobber (no contest)
Built To Destroy '16
Singles Match
Defiant World Championship
Big Damo with Jack The Jobber def Rampage with Adam Blampied by Pinfall

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