Bully Ray

Bully Ray in 2010 could have been easily excused for resting on his considerable and enviable laurels. As the most decorated tag-team wrestler in the history of mainstream North American wrestling, he had accomplished more in his vaunted career than most could dream of.

When The Dudley Boyz disbanded after their record-breaking run, a lucrative lap of the autograph convention circuit beckoned - only, it didn’t; the former Bubba rechristened himself as Bully Ray and refashioned himself as one of the most preeminent singles wrestlers in the world at the turn of the millennium.

A run as part of The Pacitti Club in WCPW was due to the then-General Manager Adam Pacitti's promise of gold and power for Ray. Those days now behind him, the entire roster waits to see what Bully has in mind next.


status Inactive
finisher Bubba Bomb
height 6' 4"
weight 290lbs
hometown Hells Kitchen, New York


Event Type Participants
WCPW Loaded #20
Singles Match
Street Fight
Martin Kirby def Bully Ray with Adam Pacitti by Pinfall
Lights Out '17
Singles Match
No Disqualification Match
Defiant World Championship
Drew Galloway(c) def Bully Ray by Pinfall
Six-Person Tag Team Match
Paul Robinson & Scotty Wainwright & Bully Ray def Liam Slater & Johnny Moss & Drew Galloway by Pinfall
Delete WCPW
Singles Match
No Disqualification Match
Bully Ray def Matt Hardy by Pinfall

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