Bea Priestley

'Merciless’ doesn’t begin to cut the mustard when describing the in-ring style of Bea Priestley. A truly fearsome competitor in the ring, the London native won’t think twice before dealing some serious damage to her unfortunate opponents.

If you’re thinking of complimenting her on her prowess, it may be wise to reconsider. Of all Bea’s outstanding qualities, modesty certainly isn’t one of them. She knows exactly how good she is, and won’t hesitate to let anybody know.

Most grown men would be terrified to step into the squared circle opposite Bea, so who knows quite what havoc she’ll wreak in the future. Stealing the WCPW Women's Title from Nixon Newell is just one example of Priestley's attitude.


status Active
finisher Rolling Cutter
weight 149lbs
hometown Wellington, New Zealand


Belt Reign Time Held
Defiant Women's Championship 17/06/2018 - Held


Date Event Type Participants Duration
Stacked 2018
Singles Match
Defiant Women's Championship
Bea Priestley(c) def Zoe Lucas by Pinfall
Exit Wounds
Singles Match
Defiant Women's Championship
Bea Priestley(c) def Kay Lee Ray by Pinfall 10:30

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