Ivelisse is the birth name of the two-time Lucha Underground Trios Champion, but does that phonetic quality hint at the darkness within? That is a self-fulfilling prophecy, for Ivelisse is one of the most vicious and sadistic wrestlers, irrespective of gender, traversing the international circuit.

Beginning her training at the tender age of fourteen, it was if she was similarly fated to do bad deeds in the hellfire of the squared circle. A lethal all-rounder, Ivelisse can hurt her opponents in a variety of ways.

Whether bombing from the skies with amazing speed or stretching opponents out on the mat, she does so with a malevolent sneer.


status Inactive
height 5' 5"
weight 120lbs
hometown Chicago, Illinois, USA


Event Type Participants
Lights Out '17
Triple Threat Match
Bea Priestley def Ivelisse def Tessa Blanchard by Pinfall
Singles Match
Ivelisse def Lana Austin by Pinfall

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