Tessa Blanchard

A third generation wrestling star, Tessa Blanchard is one of a select few to break the curious curse of hereditary wrestling disappointment. As athletic as she is gifted, the legacy to which she must live up is enviable - or unenviable, as the case may be.

Remarkably, Tessa's bloodline has been no barrier to the considerable success she has experienced at such a tender age. Neither, for that matter, has gender; she went spectacular aerial for spectacular aerial with the best high-flier on the planet, Will Ospreay, in a scorching prologue to her birthright of wrestling superstardom.


status Inactive
height 5' 5"
weight 123lbs
hometown Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


Event Type Participants
Singles Match
Tessa Blanchard vs. Bea Priestley with Viper
WCPW Loaded #19
Tag Team Match
Will Ospreay & Bea Priestley def Ricochet & Tessa Blanchard by Pinfall
Lights Out '17
Triple Threat Match
Bea Priestley def Ivelisse def Tessa Blanchard by Pinfall

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