Tyler Bate

Tyler Bate’s trademark moustache is almost emblematic of his burgeoning reputation. A man of his tender years - he’s 19 - has no business possessing such full, luxurious facial hair. He also has no business being as good as he is already.

Bate isn’t just good for 'for his age' - he is just good. You might think, given his uniquely anachronistic look, that Bate is a technical disciple of the classic World Of Sport Style. You’d be right - but his is a state of the art update, incorporating dazzling aerials and stiff strikes with which to oppose anyone and everyone.

A respectful competitor, Bate will shake your hand after a match - that is, if your maimed fingers can withstand it, and went on to become the first ever WWE United Kingdom Champion. That right there says it all.


status Inactive
finisher Tyler Driver
height 5' 7"
weight 174lbs
hometown Dudley, England

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