Suzie Kennedy

When WCPW first launched in June 2016, Primate was not the loveable General Manager that we know today. Not even close, honestly, and there was only one person who was able to understand Primate. That person was Suzie Kennedy.

For the first four months of WCPW's existence, Suzie attempted to help the beast dominate his competition, but arguably did the exact opposite, pulling the proverbial rope away from him when she should have been pushing it towards him for assistance. In October, Primate decided he had enough.

Primate had become enraged with Suzie's best friend, Jack The Jobber, when Mr. Jobber attempted to ask Suzie out on a date. At Refuse To Lose '16, Primate viciously assaulted the small child, and Suzie attempted to help her friend, which resulted in her recieving a Rear-Naked Choke from Primate for her efforts.


status Inactive


Event Type Participants
WCPW Loaded #11
Singles Match
Joe Hendry def Primate with Suzie Kennedy by Pinfall
Stacked '16
Singles Match
Primate with Suzie Kennedy def Grado by Referee Stoppage

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