El Desperado

It's often said that masked wrestlers use the veil to unleash an extension of their own personalities. That seems true when analysing the career of El Desperado.

Coming to WCPW in October, 2016, the Japanese star brought years of experience toiling in the NJPW Dojo with him, and was eager to make an impact immediately. Teaming with El Ligero to face Prince Ameen and Gabriel Kidd, El Desperado also involved himself in the war between Primate and Rampage at True Destiny.

There's a cunning aura to Desperado's presence, like the man is happy to hide his emotions and literally mask his cruel intentions for every opponent he steps foot in the ring with. Should El Desperado return to WCPW, it's anyone's guess who he will target first.


status Inactive
height 5' 10"
weight 187lbs
hometown Nagaoka, Japan

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