Noam Dar

"The Champagne Supernova"

From a 'Champagne Supernova' in a galaxy far away, Noam Dar is a talent totally out of this world. They say by travelling at the speed of light, it’s possible to see the future, but it’s much easier to just watch Noam.

Already one of the most gifted wrestlers in Britain, Dar’s talents haven’t gone unnoticed around the rest of the world, as he was snatched up for TNA’s 2015 British Tour after a successful Boot Camp; also appearing in WWE’s prestigious Cruiserweight Classic tournament, it wasn't long before that company offered the Scot a full-time contract.

Amongst WCPW’s clusters of stars, Noam Dar was one of the brightest for the short time he was here.


status Inactive
finisher Champagne Super Kneebar
height 5' 9"
weight 169lbs
hometown Ayr, Scotland


Date Event Type Participants Duration
Built To Destroy
Singles Match
Jay Lethal def Noam Dar by Pinfall 19:28
WCPW Loaded #4
Singles Match
Noam Dar def Joseph Conners with Joe Hendry by Pinfall 7:27
WCPW Loaded #2
Singles Match
Rampage def Noam Dar by Pinfall 13:28

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