Nathan Cruz

The Professional

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Event Type Participants
No Regrets '19
30-Person Rumble Match
- Winner faces the Defiant World Champion at Built To Destroy '19
David Starr def Carlos Romo def Mark Billington def Joe Hendry def No Fun Dunne def John Klinger def Joe Nelson def Prince Ameen def Los Federales Super Santos Jr. def Adam Foster def Robbie X def Drake def Thomas Billington def Simon Miller def Visage def Lizzy Styles def Martin Kirby def Nathan Cruz def Lana Austin def Benji def CJ Banks def Rory Coyle def Conor Renshaw def A-Kid def Man Like Dereiss def Sean Kustom def Myles Kayman def Jack Sexsmith def Laura Di Matteo def Gabriel Kidd

John Klinger was Disqualified from this match due to his actions earlier in the night.

Defiant Loaded #22
Triple Threat Match
#1 Contenders Match (Defiant World Championship)
Mark Haskins def Nathan Cruz def David Starr by Submission
Defiant Loaded #12
Singles Match
Defiant World Championship
Rampage(c) def Nathan Cruz by Pinfall
Singles Match
Nathan Cruz def Omari by Pinfall
Defiant Loaded #8
Singles Match
Nathan Cruz def Man Like Dereiss by Pinfall
Defiant Loaded #7
Singles Match
Omari def Nathan Cruz by Pinfall
Defiant Loaded #4
Singles Match
Nathan Cruz def Micky The Dragon by Pinfall
Defiant Loaded #1
Tag Team Match
Rampage & David Starr def John Klinger & Nathan Cruz by Pinfall
Refuse To Lose '18
Singles Match
David Starr def Nathan Cruz by Submission
Ringmaster Tournament '18 (Night Two)
Four-Way Elimination Match
- Finals
John Klinger def El Phantasmo def David Starr def Nathan Cruz by Pinfall
Ringmaster Tournament '18 (Night Two)
Singles Match
- Second Round Match
Nathan Cruz def TK Cooper by Pinfall
Ringmaster Tournament '18 (Night One)
Singles Match
- First Round Match
Nathan Cruz def Simon Miller by Pinfall
Road To No Regrets '18
Singles Match
- Winner enters the 30 Person Rumble at No Regrets '18
Justin Sysum def Nathan Cruz by Pinfall

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