Johnny Mundo

Johnny Mundo, like Cody Rhodes after him, was similarly unwilling to drift in the midcard. His status belied his unique ability; infusing his balletic offence with unprecedented parkour movements, Mundo established himself as both pioneer and powerhouse.

And yet, his former employers were unwilling to reward his progressive style. Mundo was a quiet WWE revolutionary, one who diversified both his own oeuvre and that of the promotion itself, wrestling its first-ever Submissions Count Anywhere Triple Threat outing opposite The Miz and Daniel Bryan at Hell In A Cell 2010.


status Inactive
finisher Starship Pain
height 6' 1"
weight 210lbs
hometown California, USA


Event Type Participants
WCPW Loaded #18
Singles Match
Alberto El Patron def Johnny Mundo by Pinfall
Delete WCPW
Singles Match
Johnny Mundo def Gabriel Kidd by Pinfall

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