Lucas Archer

At first glance, you may mistake the tattoo on Lucas Archer’s chest for a heart. It’s actually a grimacing jester, a far more apt summary of one of WCPW’s more morally ambiguous stars.

An underdog kind of character once conditioned by James R. Kennedy to have a real chip on his shoulder, the East Midlands man loves nothing more than getting under the skin of his opponents - especially if it helps Prospect pick up a win.

It was previously argued that Archer - along with tag partner Alex Gracie - had an inflated opinion of himself, but that side has given way now it's become clear that Prospect were led astray from the beginning . A fan of beating his chest and declaring himself a “legend”, Archer is a crucial part of the WCPW tag-team scene.


status Active
finisher Sure Shot
weight 175lbs
hometown Derby, England


Date Event Type Participants Duration
Exit Wounds
Tag Team Match
Drake with James R. Kennedy & Bad Bones def Prospect (Lucas Archer & Alex Gracie) by Pinfall 4:54
WCPW Loaded #3
Tag Team Match
Prospect (Lucas Archer & Alex Gracie) def Ryan Mercer & Mitchell Myers by Pinfall 3:08

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