Chain Reaction '18: Full Card & How To Watch

Defiant vs IPW in Manchester on February 18

IPW Invades Defiant Wrestling In Birmingham

Shocking Scenes At Conclusion Of Episode 3

Defiant Roster Set To Call-Out Austin Aries, Mark Haskins & Chris Ridgeway

Watch the premiere of Episode 3 on December 29th at 8pm UK (3/2c).

Defiant Wrestling Returns FREE On YouTube Every Friday

GM Stu Bennett grants Martin Kirby one-on-one title shot against Marty Scurll.

#WeAreDefiant - Full Card & How To Watch

Stu Bennett to unveil new roster member live on #WeAreDefiant YouTube preshow.

Drake vs Jurn Simmons Added To #WeAreDefiant

Jurn Simmons returns to Newcastle and will face Drake TONIGHT live on PPV

Stu Bennett To Reveal New Roster Member LIVE On Dec 4th

Tune in to YouTube preshow at 7pm to see the unveiling of latest Defiant signing.

WCPW Is Defiant

On December 4, 2017, WCPW is relaunching as Defiant Wrestling

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Current Champions

Austin Aries

Defiant Championship

Zack Sabre Jr.

Defiant Internet Championship

Jimmy Havoc

Defiant Tag Team Championship,  Defiant Hardcore Championship


Defiant Hardcore Championship,  Defiant Tag Team Championship

Kay Lee Ray

Defiant Women's Championship