Katarina Leigh

The fact she worked extensively in promotions like WWE and TNA for years may give the wrong impression of Katarina Leigh. Long before she moved across the Atlantic to North America, the German-born grappler was making a name for herself on European soil, and that's something she's keen to have people remember.

A supremely holistic person who appears comfortable in her own skin, Katarina gives off an air of the supernatural; fans of WCPW witnessed this for the first time when Leigh received a shot at the Women's Title on an early episode of Loaded.

A drifter for sure, the threat Katarina Leigh poses to all who wrestle her cannot be under-estimated. Vast experience from Leigh herself and a fear of the unknown for opponents facing her combine to make quite the deadly package.


status Inactive
height 5' 9"
weight 140lbs
hometown L√ľneburg, Germany

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